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  T's + C's  

  Please read through our terms and conditions and fill in the form at the bottom of the page to accept  

The design process

  • If a render is required for your project in order to give an accurate quote, a R5000 ex VAT render fee (per element) is required. Please note that this is a deposit against the job which will come off your final invoice should you decide to proceed. 

    • This render deposit is non-refundable.

    • The initial concept will include two reverts. Should further revisions be required, an hourly design fee will be charged. There may be a variation in the amount depending on the scope of the design

  • All renders, images and designs remain the intellectual property of Happinest and cannot be shared with or replicated by other suppliers under any circumstance. It is an offence under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) to pass on, communicate or otherwise transmit any design from the Company to any third party; and in particular to other manufacturing companies to acquire comparative quotes. 

  • Renders are for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of exact specs, sizes and colours.

  • Our designs are a value added service to our custom clients and are not regarded as a separate service. 

  • Any logos or brand artwork will need to be provided by the client prior to the design process starting. 

  • We require a minimum lead time of 1-2 weeks to provide the first revision of a render, and this lead time can increase and fluctuate depending on the scale of the project, the capacity of our designers and how many projects are in our production line at the time. 

  • Happinest cannot be held liable should the selected paint colours not be exact in real life, if approved by the client prior to manufacturing. All pantones will need to be provided by the client prior to the design process starting if specific colours are required for any reason. 

  • ‘Design approval’ is an important step in the production approval process. It requires the Customer to authorise or ‘sign-off’ the exact structure of the stand design shown in the 3D drawing and plans. Once ‘Design approval’ has been given by the Customer, any further design changes requested by the Customer will be charged at an hourly rate. 

  • Pantone colours may differ across mediums like screens, prints, paints, and real-life applications due to variations in color calibration and display settings. Achieving an exact match across these mediums can be challenging due to differences in color rendering and material properties. Please be aware that the color may vary accordingly.


Payment and Production 


  • A 50% deposit is required to commence production, and the balance 50% upon completion. Any variations to this will need to be confirmed in writing prior to the project commencing. 

  • Our standard production lead time is 4-6 weeks from date of deposit payment, and this is subject to change at the discretion of Happinest, depending on the nature and scope of each project and production capacity at the time of booking.

  • Should the lead time be shorter than the 4-6 weeks a larger deposit will be required, 80% to commence production, 10% before dispatch and the balance 10% upon completion. 

  • Short lead time projects may require an overtime surcharge to be included in your quote to cover the additional hours (ovetime) for evening or weekend work by our production team to complete the project on time.

  • After the acceptance of our terms and conditions a project manager will send you a completed timeline detailing the payment dates.

  • We offer a 5% discount on payments paid in full upfront.

  • Should the client not settle any amounts owing prior to dispatch, Happinest will not deliver or install the items and Happinest will not be liable to refund any amounts paid.

  • No items can be returned or refunded due to the custom nature of every item.

  • Should the original timeline be affected due to client changes or delays, this may impact production due to shorter lead times resulting in overtime charges. These charges will be over and above the original quote, which will be invoiced accordingly and payable before dispatch.


Late Payment

  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to make payment or transfer funds in good time in order to avoid delays or project cancellation. A late payment fee of 3.5% will be applied to any invoice for which cleared funds have not been received in accordance with the above payment terms and according to the timeline.



  • All estimations and quotations, unless otherwise stated, exclude VAT. 

Custom Manufacture

Custom Manufactured Items

  • All custom items manufactured by Happinest are made with love and by hand, which means variations and minor flaws can occur that do not affect the overall look and functionality of the items 

  • Happinest is not liable for damages to any custom items caused by customers, guests, clients or any external suppliers. 

  • Happinest will take responsibility for items in its possession. 


Custom Manufactured Items to Hire 

  • All items are custom manufactured for HIRING unless otherwise specified in your quote. 

  • All items remain the property of Happinest after breakdown unless otherwise specified in your quote. 

  • This does not apply to permanent installations. 


Custom Manufactured Items to Purchase 

  • Should the client request to purchase the items there will be additional costs. Should this cost be approved and paid, the items will become the property of the client and they will be liable to store them. Happinest then accepts no liability and gives no guarantee of the longevity of the items. 

  • Any items stored at Happinest for a period longer than one week will accrue a storage fee that will be payable upfront. 

  • If any custom items are left at the Happinest warehouse for longer than 1 month without any written communication from the client, Happinest reserves the right to dispose of or use the items as needed. 

  • Happinest is not liable for any damage to items during transport if couriers are used or if a client arranges their own transport. 

  • Should any future maintenance be required on the items, Happinest reserves the right to charge additional fees for call outs, inspections, collections, deliveries, refurbishments, replacements etc. We do not provide any long-term guarantee on our custom items as each item is completely unique.  


Buy to self-build and install

  • It is a Customer’s responsibility either to weigh items themselves, or have them independently weighed, prior to shipping or onward delivery. Happinest can provide estimated weights of goods prior to dispatch, but accepts no responsibility or liability for any additional cost incurred by a Customer due inaccuracies or variations in indicated weights.

  • Happinest does not take any responsibility for damage caused by transport arranged by the client. 

  • Happinest will bubble wrap all items. If extra protection is necessary for external transport arrangements it is the client’s responsibility to communicate this in writing and to cover the additional changes incurred for this. Happinest will still not be held liable for any damage due to packaging. 


Adherence to agreed schedules

  • The Company will issue a timeline schedule detailing key project ‘milestones’ such as approval deadlines, delivery of artwork, timing of purchase orders, print deadlines, prepayments and other critical events in the life-cycle of a project. The agreed schedule constitutes part of the contract between the Customer and the Company.


Failure to adhere to agreed timelines

  • A Customer’s failure to adhere to an agreed schedule and deadline may result in the Company incurring overtime costs in order to meet an agreed deadline, timely delivery, or installation, of a project. Any such overtime working is chargeable to the Customer. Failure to adhere to an agreed schedule does not refer only to passing through a deadline. It also refers to a Customer allowing insufficient time for the Company to meet an agreed deadline. 

  • A Customer’s failure to cooperate with the schedule, and failure to meet agreed deadlines, including payment deadlines, can have serious consequences, and in extreme circumstances, could result in the Company failing to deliver or install a project altogether. In such circumstances the Company does not accept any liability, financial, consequential or otherwise, for a Customer’s failure to meet deadline(s), and any resulting failure by the Company to deliver or install a project according to the agreed schedule. The company reserves the right to cancel a project on the basis of breach of contract and insufficient time to reasonably deliver the project. 



  • Our standard installation times are between 09h00 and 16h00 Monday-Friday. 

  • Our quotes do not include any overtime for after hours installation or breakdown unless otherwise specified in your quote. 

  • Should you require after hours installation, additional costs will apply and these will need to be paid upfront prior to installation. 

  • Should weather conditions affect our ability to install the custom items for any reason, the full invoice will still be due and no amounts can be withheld by the client. 

  • Should the client require a team on standby on site for the duration of an event, additional costs will apply. 

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the installation site has a level flooring. Should the floor not be level for any reason and should this affect the overall look or sturdiness of the custom item, Happinest cannot be held liable. 

  • Should there be no power on site for installation, a generator will be supplied by Happinest at an additional cost, which will be invoiced upon completion of the installation.


Reasonable access, scheduling and logistical arrangements for installations & breakdowns 

  • Quotations including installation and breakdown assume an individual project involves access times and logistical factors that are normal and reasonable for venues and work. This is because it is not possible to research all logistical issues such as timings, working hours, parking, loading and other restrictions for each project at the time of quotation, although the Company will take all reasonable measures to research such factors.

  • As a result of unusual or unreasonable restrictions or logistical obstacles imposed by event organizers or venue management, or unforeseen or unnecessary delays caused by third-party contractors who are integral to the stand-build, Happinest reserves the right to increase the project price over and above the original quoted value to recover its extra unforeseen costs incurred by Happinest.


Some reasons why this might happen (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Unreasonably short installation times

  • Requirement to park an unreasonable distance from the venue

  • No parking at the venue for installation vehicles

  • Central city venues with no parking, very restricted parking, and/or very high parking costs

  • Difficulty in loading or access (e.g. 2nd floor with no goods-lift)

  • Last minute diversions by organisers or venue management to different vehicle parking locations

  • Organisers or venues allowing the dumping of other items at the area of installation/placement which prohibit work to commence. 

  • On-site third-party contractors failing to complete their assigned task(s) on time e.g. flooring to be laid, electrical work etc.


Handling of customers’ own materials: 

  • Happinest does not accept/receive, handle, temporarily hold, store, or transport materials of any description belonging to a Customer other than the custom item/s, graphics & accessories.


Liability for customers own materials: 

  • Happinets accepts no liability for loss or damage, howsoever caused, to a Customer’s own equipment (other than the Custom item/s), marketing materials, promotional items, literature, product samples or any other items that it may agree to receive, handle, store, transport or hold on a Customer’s behalf in preparation for use at an event or installation. In such circumstances it is the responsibility of a Customer to arrange appropriate insurance cover at its own expense. Any materials or items belonging to a customer held at Happinest’s premises, or transported in one of its vehicles, are not insured under the Company’s Combined Business or Goods in Transit policies.


Treatment of customers’ own materials at the breakdown of a stand

  • Happinest requires a Customer to remove all of its own personal belongings, marketing materials, promotional items, literature, product samples, or any other items belonging to a Customer, away from their stand space and venue location at the end of the event. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability for loss of, or damage to, any such items or materials left on a stand space or at a venue location at the end of an event. 


Use of Designs and Photographs for Marketing Purposes

  • Happinest retains the right to use all design visuals and 3D CAD designs it produces for clients or prospective Customers for its own marketing and advertising purposes. During the course of manufacture, production and installation and during the open days of a show Happinest may take photographs of the item/s or display which it retains the right to use for its own marketing and advertising purposes.



  • A detailed timeline for your project will be sent to you by one of our project managers after the completion of the below form. This timeline is to confirm the responsibilities of both parties.  

  By signing below, you confirm that you accept our terms and conditions and that you would like to proceed with design and manufacturing with Happinest Custom.  

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